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Shower Steamers

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Bring the spa home with our invigorating, aromatherapy shower steamers! Breathe deeply, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our pure essential oil blends and invigorating menthol. Feeling congested or have allergies? These are a life saver!

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, sweet almond oil, cream of tarter, cornstarch, kaolin clay, essential oils

How to Use:

  1. Simply place your shower steamer in the mesh bag (included in package)
  2. Activate your steamer by getting it wet with a few drops of water
  3. Hang your steamer anywhere outside of the direct stream of water
  4. Breathe in deep and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy for 2-3+ showers*

*Be sure to "reactivate" your shower steamer each time you shower by getting it wet so that it begins to fizz again.

Alternatively, you can place your shower steamer out of direct spray of the shower head and direct stream of water.  Place shower steamer in the corner or ledge  in bathtub.  Splash a few drops of hot water directly on them and this will release the scent and begin to dissolve.  

***** Please note this NOT a bath bomb and cannot be used as one.  Not suitable for children.