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Raw Bath Market

Natural Dish Soap Bar

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This zero waste dishwashing soap bar is eco-friendly.  Not only does it help you save money but also reduces waste and your impact on the environment.  It gives you plenty of suds, and it cuts through grease to thoroughly clean your dishes. Lime juice has been added to help remove stubborn grease.  We also added citric acid.  It naturally kills bacteria, mildew, and mold. This makes it a wonderful, all natural disinfectant to use when washing dishes. Additionally, citric acid also removes hard water spots, lime, rust, and soap scum. It is scented with a citrus essential oil blend that give it a beautiful uplifting and refreshing scent.  Try it today with one of our bamboo scrub brushes!

Weight : 9 OZ  |  255 GRAMS 


Directions:  Simply soak a sponge with hot water. Then rub it over the solid soap bar and wash your dishes. When the sponge runs out of soap, rub it over the soap and keep cleaning. Try it with one of our eco bamboo scrubber.  

How to care for your soap: Increase the longevity of the soap bar by letting the soap bar dry between uses. It is recommended to use a soap dish with drainage holes to keep soap bar dry or a soap saver / pouch.

Skin Sensitivities: Each ingredient is listed on the label. Be sure to research essential oils before using them. Natural ingredients may cause sensitivity, avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Essential oils are not recommended for young children, pregnant or lactating women or individuals with medical conditions. Seek advice from a health professional before using. Some essential oils scent will fade during saponification. The scent will return once you start using the soap bar.

May contain nuts in the oils, butters and allergenic ingredients. Please check ingredient list before purchasing. Since soap bars are handcrafted, every soap bar will be unique and vary in design and weight. There may be a slight color difference from pictures as well.